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Christ Is Our King

June 19, 2022
By Christ Greenfield School

“I love the school's focus on Jesus, community, and love.” Parent Survey Comment, June 2022


We prepare students with a biblical worldview

Here’s a look at some examples from different grade levels:

Preschool Teachers begin the school year by teaching God’s love for all of us by celebrating the unique ways that God created each of us. Lessons and activities are built around our differences in skin tone, eye color, hair texture, and the cultures we bring to our classroom communities.

In 4th grade, the primary goal is to understand God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier through our Christian Character Formation Project curriculum, as well as in experiences and events in everyday lives. We strive to understand things by first leaning into scripture. We utilize weekly Bible stories to teach historical Biblical events, a specific virtue/character trait, a memory verse, and a worldview perspective question with the application.

In our 8th grade Christian Learning class during the second semester, students look at other religions within the world and what the basics of their doctrine state. Students find that while the Christian faith is based all on what Jesus has done for us, other religions are focused on what each person can do for their salvation.


“The teachers and staff do a wonderful job at incorporating God in the lessons and day-to-day operations.” Parent Survey Comment June 2022


We always point to Jesus

As we go through life together at CG, we point each other to God and His power to help us live out our faith every day. Some parents also focus on these virtues at home with their children:



God's power for you to overcome fear.



God's power for you to focus on your work.



God's power for you to be true to Him and yourself.



God's power for you to do the right thing.



God's power for you to honor Him and others.



God's power for you to be accountable to God and others.



God's power for you to give up something to help others.


“Christ Greenfield does a great job of representing my values system in a school environment.” Parent Survey Comment June 2022