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Our school's staff members are not only dedicated educators but people who really care about your child and who want them to succeed. We want to help your child grow and learn as they explore their passions and aspirations.


Support Staff



Middle School

High School


  Name Title Group
Michelle Allen Allen, Michelle Teacher Preschool
Carolyn Andrews Andrews, Carolyn 3's Preschool Teacher Preschool
Kaileigh Berger Berger, Kaileigh Extended Care Director / 2nd Grade Assistant Classroom Support Staff, Support Staff
Julie Bishop Bishop, Julie Interventionist Academic Services
Carolyn Bonk Bonk, Carolyn Classroom Support Staff, Support Staff
Gene Bonk Bonk, Gene Teacher Middle School
Laura Boren Boren, Laura Teacher Elementary
JoAnn Bowman Bowman, JoAnn Teacher Middle School
Betty Boyd Boyd, Betty Teacher / Interventionist Academic Services, Classroom Support Staff
Amarilis Brewer Brewer, Amarilis Spanish Teacher / PS Assistant Teacher Global Languages, Preschool, Preschool Support Staff
Pam Bucciarelli Bucciarelli, Pam Assistant Teacher Preschool
Tanya Calendo Calendo, Tanya Principal Administration
Lynn Casselman Casselman, Lynn Teacher Elementary
Maddy Chamerski Chamerski, Maddy Teacher Elementary
Trey Cox Cox, Trey Teacher Middle School
Chelsea Davies Davies, Chelsea Social Emotional Learning Support Staff
Kelli Dosil Dosil, Kelli Teacher Elementary
Barb Drager Drager, Barb 3's Preschool Teacher Preschool
Lyndsay Ermeling Ermeling, Lyndsay Choir and Theater Specials
Katie Espinoza Espinoza, Katie Scholarships Director Office Staff
Nicole Featherstone Featherstone, Nicole Preschool Assistant Preschool, Preschool Support Staff
Carissa Felix Felix, Carissa PreK Teacher Preschool
Kymberly Frantz Frantz, Kymberly Teacher Middle School
Sarah Freeman Freeman, Sarah Teacher Elementary
Olga Garcia Garcia, Olga Admissions Director Office Staff, Preschool Support Staff
Jaci Gloss Gloss, Jaci Interventionist Academic Services, Preschool
Sarah Goodwin Goodwin, Sarah teacher Academic Services
Sandy Green Green, Sandy French Teacher Global Languages
Julie Guzman Guzman, Julie Assistant Teacher Preschool, Preschool Support Staff
Lori Hoffmann Hoffmann, Lori Beg Teacher / PreK Assistant Preschool, Preschool Support Staff
Emily Hollendoner Hollendoner, Emily Vice Principal Administration
Lisa Holloway Holloway, Lisa Teacher Elementary
Steve Hudnall Hudnall, Steve Director Support Staff
Jeremy Isley Isley, Jeremy Band Specials
Rachel Isley Isley, Rachel Music Specials
Kim Jansen Jansen, Kim Preschool Assistant Teacher Preschool, Preschool Support Staff
Laurie Johnson Johnson, Laurie Receptionist Support Staff
Kyle King King, Kyle Classroom Aide Academic Services, Classroom Support Staff
Tara Kobel Kobel, Tara Classroom Aide Classroom Support Staff, Support Staff
Karla Koppi Koppi, Karla Classroom Support Staff
Brook Korb Korb, Brook Student Accounts Services Office Staff
Wendy Kozloski Kozloski, Wendy High School Counselor / LS Coordinator Support Staff
Tammy Lamb Lamb, Tammy ASL Teacher / Interventionist Academic Services, Global Languages
Maeson Lange Lange, Maeson Teacher Elementary
Anna Langerova Langerova, Anna Classroom Support Staff
Angela Leopold Leopold, Angela Assistant Teacher Preschool, Preschool Support Staff
Wesley Levit Levit, Wesley School Nurse Support Staff
Abigail Lieb Lieb, Abigail Teacher Elementary
Casey Lucchesi Lucchesi, Casey PE Teacher Specials
Jennifer Luckhardt Luckhardt, Jennifer Teacher Elementary
Kathy MacDonald MacDonald, Kathy Assistant Teacher Preschool
Allie Madsen Madsen, Allie PS Lunch Bunch Preschool
Erin Marlier Marlier, Erin PreK Teacher Preschool
Jennifer Mason Mason, Jennifer Academic Services Director Academic Services
Christine Mauldin Mauldin, Christine Lunch Worker Support Staff
Jill McCulley McCulley, Jill PreK Teacher / Math Specialist Preschool
Terrie Montford Montford, Terrie Receptionist Support Staff
Dan Morton Morton, Dan Campus Director Support Staff
Leslie Morton Morton, Leslie Teacher / Art Preschool, Specials
Tina Morton Morton, Tina Teacher Elementary
Mandy Neumeyer Neumeyer, Mandy Teacher / Athletic Director Elementary, Support Staff
Rhonda Pace Pace, Rhonda Assistant Teacher / Lunch Bunch Preschool, Preschool Support Staff
Jennifer Plihcik Plihcik, Jennifer Teacher Preschool
Emily Preston Preston, Emily Teacher Middle School
Ann Renwick Renwick, Ann Teacher Preschool
Amy Robson Robson, Amy Teacher Middle School
Susan Schade Schade, Susan Assistant Teacher / Lunch Bunch Preschool, Preschool Support Staff
Carol Schooley Schooley, Carol Assistant Teacher Preschool
Diana Schuelke Schuelke, Diana Senior Manager Materials Engineering Specials
Mindy Sisk Sisk, Mindy Interventionist Academic Services, Specials
Emily Smith Smith, Emily Classroom Aide Classroom Support Staff, Specials
Renea Snodgrass Snodgrass, Renea Teacher / Lunch Bunch Preschool
Terri Sovereign Sovereign, Terri Art Specials
Tiffani Spicer Spicer, Tiffani Preschool Director Administration, Preschool
Ashley Steele Steele, Ashley Teacher Academic Services, Elementary
Nathan Stevens Stevens, Nathan Administrative Assistant Administration
Emma Taylor Taylor, Emma Teacher Elementary
Isaac Taylor Taylor, Isaac Teacher Elementary
Sherry Timar Timar, Sherry Classroom Aide Classroom Support Staff, Specials
Bettina Torre Torre, Bettina German Teacher Global Languages
Miriam Vaughn Vaughn, Miriam School Nurse Support Staff
Staci Wade Wade, Staci Lunch Bunch Preschool Support Staff
Jacqui Wilcox Wilcox, Jacqui Teacher / Reading Specialist Preschool Support Staff
Ann Woods Woods, Ann Teacher Middle School
Jenna Zimmer Zimmer, Jenna Teacher Classroom Support Staff