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Exploration And Possibility

The following clubs are currently available to Elementary and Middle School students. Christ Greenfield School is open to hosting more clubs based on student interest and parent support. 

Grades K-8: This club meets weekly at 7:15 am and is led by an instructor from The Chess Emporium. A club fee is paid directly to Chess Emporium.

Grades 4-8: This club meets weekly before school with additional practices leading up to the regional First Lego League competition. The regional competition takes place in December, with the potential to compete at the state level in January. A parent volunteer is required to oversee and coach. Students must apply and be accepted to participate. Fees apply.

Grades 3-8: Middle School students are elected to the Student Council Board by the student body. Class representatives for Grades 3-8 are appointed by Administration based on an application and interview process. Student Council meets bi-weekly and exists for the purpose of planning and implementing special events for the student body. Principal Calendo is responsible for overseeing Student Council.