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Christ. Quality. Community.

Christ Greenfield School partners with parents to inspire students to discover their purpose in Christ, develop their gifting through a high-quality whole child education, and deploy their distinct calling to love, lead, and serve others in the community.


  1. Jesus reshapes all of life. 
  2. Biblical truth roots us. 
  3. Lutheran heritage of Christian education grounds us. 
  4. Community is our context. 
  5. Leadership development is our passion. 
  6. Mission is our mandate. 

Christ Greenfield School is a community where every student can say that he or she S.O.A.R.S.:


I SEE myself as a Child of God rooted in God’s Word with a biblical worldview discovering my God-given purpose.

I OBTAIN goals and develop my unique God-given gifting as I grow academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I APPLY critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication skills to lead and serve others.

I RELATE to others with humility, love, and care.

I SHOW courage, diligence, integrity, justice, respect, responsibility, and self-sacrifice as I lean into God’s power to live out a virtuous life wherever God deploys me. 

Because Jesus Christ reshapes all of life and biblical truths root us:

We are passionate Jesus followers.   
We always point people to Jesus.   
We proclaim our identity in Christ.   
We celebrate God’s work of transformation.   
We prepare all students with a biblical worldview.

Because the Lutheran heritage of quality Christian education grounds us:

We adhere to advanced accreditations.   
We use student data to individualize rigorous instruction.   
We prioritize low student-to-teacher ratios.   
We employ highly qualified and professional faculty and staff.   
We provide abundant options for individual growth and enrichment. 

Because community is our context, leadership development is our passion and mission is our mandate:

We intentionally create opportunities to connect and grow relationships.   
We expect a culture of mutual respect for everyone.   
We partner with organizations and ministries to provide safeguards and services to families.    
We provide opportunities to grow, give, serve, and lead.    
We are a unified mission-minded church and school.