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Imagine your high school student:

  • Discovering his or her purpose in Christ
  • Provided with opportunities to develop giftings and talents 
  • Being deployed into a distinct calling to love, lead, and serve others in the community

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Christ Greenfield's high school program is a college-prep micro-school that cultivates a Christ-centered learning community for students seeking structured flexibility and personalized learning experiences in a hybrid model.



A college prep pathway in which technology is leveraged to support a community-driven Christian learning environment.

Students participate in hybrid learning to allow for flexibility with in-person and online courses through our partnerships.

Our model provides meaningful, leadership-focused experiences and mentorship.


Christ Greenfield High School is an educational ministry of Christ Greenfield Church. We are thankful for the partnership in ministry. Our church leadership has spoken into many aspects of our high school program, and we look forward to opportunities for our church leaders to pour into our students in the Christian Learning and Leadership Development courses. 

Christ Greenfield High School provides in-person courses for Christian Learning & Leadership Development. To provide the highest quality of academic content, CGHS has partnered with Orange Lutheran Online, or OLO, of Orange Lutheran High School. Since 2004, OLO has provided a Christian online learning program for students all around the country. CGHS, as the diploma-granting institution, will partner with Orange Lutheran Online to provide a clear learning path for each student. 



Christ Greenfield High School has partnered with Genesis Virtual Academy of Mayer Lutheran High School. Students who enroll in GVA courses receive additional flexibility to support the goals, talents, and aspirations of each student. GVA provides a wide variety of courses to best support the student as an individual. CGHS, as the diploma-granting institution, will partner with Genesis Virtual Academy to provide a clear learning path for each student.

Christ Greenfield High School has cultivated a very important partnership with Valley Lutheran High School! As another Lutheran high school, it is so important to provide students with opportunities to work with peers in a larger setting. We intend to formalize a true collaborative partnership over the school year. CGHS will attend monthly chapel services at VLHS. There are opportunities to partner for mission trips, service learning, college-prep experiences, and larger social events. 


Christ Greenfield's high school model offers hybrid learning. The hybrid learning model lends itself to a non-traditional learning space. The Learning Studio applies a modern approach to the “one-room schoolhouse”.

Our learning environment supports our purpose for a comfortable on-campus learning space for our high school students. We want to develop a close-knit sense of community, and we find that proximity between students supports this goal. 

We are excited about future growth and development in the coming years, but until that time, we look forward to utilizing our current learning studio spaces to support students with structured flexibility. 



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Life is busy, and the family calendar is overwhelmed with activities and events. As we see the modern workplace adapt, why not the high school experience as well? 

At Christ Greenfield School, our high school students are offered high-quality Christian education in a hybrid setting, allowing for structured flexibility. 

Students are required to be on campus Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from roughly 8:30 am-11:15 am each day for face-to-face Theology and Leadership Development courses. 

The high school learning studio is open from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for students to work on their online courses in a social setting.