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Options for Growth and Enrichment

Academic services are here to help you! Whether it's mentoring or advising, we're committed to cultivating the whole student. We believe in the importance of quality education and the power of a supportive community.

To create and refine systems of support for academic, social, and emotional growth and development in all students. To empower and support individual students to achieve progress in their goals and envision who they are in Christ.

The EAGL Team is a collaborative committee of administration, faculty, and Academic Services staff dedicated to working alongside students, parents, and classroom teachers to provide effective and explicit instruction support for all students.


  • Advanced Math (Grades 3-7)
  • Honors Math 8
  • Honors English Language Arts 8
  • Honors Science 8
  • Interventionist Support for Tiers 1-3 
  • Educational Plans, Accommodation Plans, and Behavioral Intervention Plans for Tiers 2-3

Tier 1: Core Instruction for all students.

Tier 2: Targeted or strategic instruction/intervention.

Tier 3: Intensive instruction/intervention.

  Name Group
Julie Bishop Bishop, Julie Academic Services
Betty Boyd Boyd, Betty Academic Services
Jaci Gloss Gloss, Jaci Academic Services
Sarah Goodwin Goodwin, Sarah Academic Services
Kyle King King, Kyle Academic Services
Tammy Lamb Lamb, Tammy Academic Services
Jennifer Mason Mason, Jennifer Academic Services
Mindy Sisk Sisk, Mindy Academic Services
Ashley Steele Steele, Ashley Academic Services