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Exceptional Quality Is The Standard

June 30, 2022
By Christ Greenfield School

"The school enables families to be a part of the entire educational process from learning at school to reinforcing character formation and academic success at home. Parent Survey Comment, June 2022

We use student data to individualize rigorous instruction

Teachers use formal and informal assessments to gather data continuously:

  • Formal assessments include NWEA MAPS testing (3 times a year for Grades 1-8 in math, reading, and language arts and science for Grades 5-8) and Acadience Reading K-6 assessments for fluency, and comprehension, phonemic awareness, and more.
  • Starting in 2022-23 for 1-8, results will be shared more consistently across grade levels.
    • Beginning of the Year NWEA testing and the Acadience Reading assessment results will be shared with 1st-6th grade parents at the October Parent/Teacher Conference. Parents of 7th and 8th graders will have the results emailed to them and may request a conference.
    • Middle of the Year NWEA testing and the Acadience Reading assessment results will be emailed home in January and may be discussed at the request of the teacher and/or parent.
    • End of the Year NWEA testing and the Acadience Reading assessment results will be sent home as a hard copy with the final report card in May.
  • In grades K-3, we identify students who are below benchmark to progress monitor every two weeks for growth and development.
  • Daily, we use informal assessments, such as observations, discussions, check-ins, looking for insights or roadblocks, etc. to gather data and help learners and improve teaching strategies.

“I appreciate the attention to detail the teachers provide and their genuine interest in student success.” Parent Survey Comment, June 2022

We adhere to advanced accreditations
  • Christ Greenfield Preschool has maintained NAEYC Accreditation for over 25 years! The National Association for the Education of Young Children is the gold standard for Early Childhood Education.
  • NLSA (National Lutheran Schools Association) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) visited in November of 2021. This extended our prestigious dual accreditation to 2028.


We prioritize low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Our growth + class size priority = waiting lists!
  • In Preschool/PreK, we go below state requirements for ratios because we value the impact on learning and relationships when there are low ratios.
  • For grades K-1, there is at a minimum an Instructional Assistant for half the day, with most homerooms with full-day support staff.
  • The average class size for K-8 homerooms is 18 students.

“Christ Greenfield provides an environment that is conducive to learning for all children regardless of the different needs that they all have.” Parent Survey Comment, June 2022


We employ highly qualified and professional faculty and staff
  • Professional Development is a priority! All full-time faculty and support staff have an individualized professional development plan that includes a targeted focus for mastery and refinement.
  • Continuing education is encouraged! Seventeen faculty and staff have earned a Master’s degree or higher. Three faculty members are currently in master’s programs with two expected to finish this school year.
  • God is good! He continues to bring outstanding educational professionals to Christ Greenfield. Be sure to check out our faculty and leadership pages! 

We Thrive In Community

June 23, 2022
By Christ Greenfield School

“The feeling of a safe and friendly environment is one of the best things that Christ Greenfield provides for our child and family.” Parent Survey Comment, June 2022

We are a unified mission-minded church and school
  • If your family is seeking a church home, we’d love for you to check us out.
  • Together we host community events like Harvest Fest!
  • Christ Greenfield Church and School together support Garuna Kids, World Vision, and Open Door Ministries.
  • Every week, we serve the areas of Mesa & Tempe creating Christ-centered communities among the homeless and working poor through La Mesa Ministries.

“Everyone does a great job at making it a warm and inviting place, where you feel like part of a family and not just a number. The teachers and staff
do a wonderful job at incorporating God in the lessons and day-to-day operations. The school also does a great job at having fun events throughout the year to help families get more involved in the school.” Parent Survey Comment, June 2022


We intentionally create opportunities to connect and
grow relationships
  • Check out the Back-to-School Calendar filled with ways to connect right away!
  • PTO Family Events Connecting Families to Families
    • Pool Party, Trunk or Treat, Mother/Son Date Night, Daddy/Daughter Dance, Holiday Shoppe, Fun Run and more!
  • K-8 Family Ambassadors Connecting Families to Families
  • Middle School Ambassadors Connecting New MS Students to Student Leaders
    • Student leaders in middle school were nominated by teachers to help new middle school students transition to CG. They will be at the MS orientation on July 28 ready to make new friends.
  • Birds of Pray Partners (Get it? “pray” instead of “prey”) Connecting Younger Students to Older Students
    • Homerooms will be paired up to encourage relationships to grow organically while students sit together at chapel, engage in quarterly activities or service projects, and just have fun together!


We expect a culture of mutual respect everywhere for everyone
  • We create a culture of respect through virtues and character development.

“[The teachers] know their students as individuals very well and treat them accordingly… Christ Greenfield staff offers grace abundantly and models respect and dignity well for our students.” Parent Survey Comment, June 2022




Christ Is Our King

June 19, 2022
By Christ Greenfield School

“I love the school's focus on Jesus, community, and love.” Parent Survey Comment, June 2022


We prepare students with a biblical worldview

Here’s a look at some examples from different grade levels:

Preschool Teachers begin the school year by teaching God’s love for all of us by celebrating the unique ways that God created each of us. Lessons and activities are built around our differences in skin tone, eye color, hair texture, and the cultures we bring to our classroom communities.

In 4th grade, the primary goal is to understand God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier through our Christian Character Formation Project curriculum, as well as in experiences and events in everyday lives. We strive to understand things by first leaning into scripture. We utilize weekly Bible stories to teach historical Biblical events, a specific virtue/character trait, a memory verse, and a worldview perspective question with the application.

In our 8th grade Christian Learning class during the second semester, students look at other religions within the world and what the basics of their doctrine state. Students find that while the Christian faith is based all on what Jesus has done for us, other religions are focused on what each person can do for their salvation.


“The teachers and staff do a wonderful job at incorporating God in the lessons and day-to-day operations.” Parent Survey Comment June 2022


We always point to Jesus

As we go through life together at CG, we point each other to God and His power to help us live out our faith every day. Some parents also focus on these virtues at home with their children:



God's power for you to overcome fear.



God's power for you to focus on your work.



God's power for you to be true to Him and yourself.



God's power for you to do the right thing.



God's power for you to honor Him and others.



God's power for you to be accountable to God and others.



God's power for you to give up something to help others.


“Christ Greenfield does a great job of representing my values system in a school environment.” Parent Survey Comment June 2022


Beginner's Class

June 06, 2022
By Christ Greenfield School

Did you know?

Christ Greenfield offers a class just for kids who are not yet 3 years old, but are ready for school! Students must be 2 1⁄2 years of age and fully potty-trained. Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30.


Contact Olga Garcia to learn more!

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